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  • Collection: 20/20 Distance Life with COVID-19

This image depicts my brother taking a break from studying to play video games on the couch, and my dog in her usual spot on the couch. We’ve been spending a lot of time here during lockdown, as we don’t have a very big house.

My Grandpa having his daily beer, not wearing a mask because he is too stubborn, and my Grandma wearing her mask next to them.

My family developed a new pastime to bond and preoccupy themselves during lockdown: playing the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” My brother already played the game as a kid, so it’s funny to see my parents start playing.

This image depicts my Grandma wearing her mask in her backyard. She might have worn the mask anyways, for allergies, but she’s being extra cautious.

This cafe has been open since I was born in Carlsbad. This is just a sign of the times.

nameless dog.jpg
We adopted a new dog while in quarantine.

decorating cookies.jpg
My mom decorating cookies she made while we are stuck at home.

My mom has been baking a lot since we have been stuck at home.

My mom has been baking a lot since we have all been stuck at home.

quarentine clouds.jpg
This image shows the opposite side of the scale when it comes to opinions, points of views, experiences, and realities during the lockdown of 2020 by showing a bright light within a gray, dark storm. This image shows gray skies surrounding a small,…
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