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  • Collection: 20/20 Distance Life with COVID-19

Mask Maker.jpg
My grandmother started to crochet masks for the entire family

My mom and I started gardening during the lockdown

home workouts.jpg
During the lockdowns, the only way to attend workout classes was through zoom

After a long day, I would sit in the back of my truck and watch birds and planes fly over my house

works space.jpg
During the pandemic I needed a new learning space

My family developed a new pastime to bond and preoccupy themselves during lockdown: playing the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” My brother already played the game as a kid, so it’s funny to see my parents start playing.

This image depicts my brother taking a break from studying to play video games on the couch, and my dog in her usual spot on the couch. We’ve been spending a lot of time here during lockdown, as we don’t have a very big house.

My bags are packed to head back to New Mexico.

This is my sisters mood during this quarantine.

My mom made me and my siblings use dish towels in order to save paper towels since the grocery store is running low.
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