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  • Collection: 20/20 Distance Life with COVID-19

Many restaurants have remained open but for take out and delivery only due to the corona virus.

At every cash register in most stores there is now a plastic screen separating the customer and the cashier.

This mall usually has thousands of people inside it at any given time. Now, it’s completely vacant.

An empty little league baseball field, now that the spring baseball season is canceled.

This image depicts my brother taking a break from studying to play video games on the couch, and my dog in her usual spot on the couch. We’ve been spending a lot of time here during lockdown, as we don’t have a very big house.

Park closures.jpg
This image shows my local park, Memorial Park, getting closed down for social distancing reasons. This image, while simple, has various feelings behind it. This park has been around for as long as I can remember and having to deal with its closure is…

My mom has been baking a lot since we have been stuck at home.

A beauty salon in Liberty Hill, TX that has been closed due to not being classified as an essential business. The recent stay at home order protests have shown people holding signs saying things including "I need a haircut". I say, cut your own hair.…

decorating cookies.jpg
My mom decorating cookies she made while we are stuck at home.

shop (1).jpg
During the corona virus pandemic, many store shelves were empty due to the panic of the virus and the need for food and necessities.
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