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  • Collection: 20/20 Distance Life with COVID-19

My bags are packed to head back to New Mexico.

This is my sisters mood during this quarantine.

My mom made me and my siblings use dish towels in order to save paper towels since the grocery store is running low.

shop (1).jpg
This image was taken at my local grocery right after the pandemic began. This was the toilet paper and paper towel isle of the grocery store. Many people were collecting and getting enough toilet paper so they would never run out.

shop (1).jpg
During the corona virus pandemic, many store shelves were empty due to the panic of the virus and the need for food and necessities.

Due to the corona virus, schools were shut down and houses and bedrooms were made into the new classrooms.

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Because of Covid 19, gyms were shut down as it is an easy way to spread germs. Many athletes were using their homes as their gyms to still train for their sport.

Today, everyone is ordered to stay inside unless you absolutely need to go outside. People are wanting clorox, and masks and they are almost impossible to get today.

Many restaurants have remained open but for take out and delivery only due to the corona virus.

Since social distancing began, I have been living with my friend on her family's ranch in Liberty Hill. I'm originally from San Antonio and my mom works in the medical field, so with my compromised immune system, it's a higher risk to be at home than…
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