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At every cash register in most stores there is now a plastic screen separating the customer and the cashier.

A Teacher's Heart.pdf
Part of the class Foundations and Curriculum of American Schools

Poem for Foundations & Curriculums of U.S. Schools

This mall usually has thousands of people inside it at any given time. Now, it’s completely vacant.

Walking through an abandoned San Gabriel Park during the Quarantine Shelter in place, I looked up to see this Oak Tree. Standing taller, growing stronger, and staying healthy. It gave me hope and peace.

An empty little league baseball field, now that the spring baseball season is canceled.

This image depicts my brother taking a break from studying to play video games on the couch, and my dog in her usual spot on the couch. We’ve been spending a lot of time here during lockdown, as we don’t have a very big house.

Bye my eye.pdf
The item is a poem expressing the feelings of the author in the wake of COVID-19 and their concerns as an education student for the disabled and oppressed students they teach.

A poem about the uncertainty of the corona-virus.

Cheap gas.jpg
Due to an ongoing oil barrel price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, plus the decreased driving because of the stay-at-home orders, a dramatic drop in gas prices resulted.
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