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A Letter to the Class of 2020 • Southwestern University.pdf
Letter from Interim President, Dale Knobel, to the Class of 2020 about changes to commencement due to COVID-19.

Photograph of an H-E-B shopper wearing protective gear while waiting to check out.

Social Distancing
Photograph of the line at H-E-B promoting social distancing from the person in front of and behind you.

A quick snapshot from a lunch break run to HEB. Some but not all aisles were picked over, lines were very crowded.

Enjoying a (half empty or half full?) glass of beer at Georgetown's newest microbrewery, Barking Armadillo Brewing. March 14 was their grand opening and their St. Patrick's day party. The taproom was not too crowded and there was ample hand…

New office space.jpeg
We all have physically separated from our day to day routine and co-workers. No longer have a dining room table, it is now my office for the next few weeks. The fact that IT was actually able to do this is shows how much technology has changed. I…

New coworker.jpeg
New co-worker while working from home

First day of "shelter in place" policy in Williamson County, Texas. Two hours into my remote work day, and my puppy chews through my laptop power cord! Luckily he didn't electrocute himself. But finding a replacement cord and being able to access it…

I went to the store this morning only because I was out of milk and eggs, two items that many of us eat routinely. As I stood in the 60+ long line, I took an iphone picture, waiting for the automatic doors to open at 7 a.m. Now, knowing I was to…
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