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Down on the Beach.pdf
This poem evokes both happier times when optimism rules the day and the human penchant for positive thinking, even in the face of inevitable loss.

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Dashboard view of county COVID-19 data. Updated every day at noon. This view was taken on April 1st.

Unable to go into the studio, my 6 year old daughter now practices dance through zoom. The class is synchronous and her classmates all join in remotely.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 11.07.40 AM.png
Infographic encouraging respectful shopping, with reference to Mr. Rogers

Photo taken from car of Georgetown's Berry Springs Park playground, closed off via orange cones, warning signs, and caution tape. By far the hardest change for my 8 year old daughter to accept during this time.

A text conversation between myself and my mother. She is 65 and thus qualifies for HEB Favor grocery delivery, whereby an online order is submitted and a shopper with protective gear gathers the items (if available) then delivers to the porch.…

Ali is an incredible baker and created these cookies to bring humor to the community. Her toilet paper cookie was a huge hit.

I am at high risk of developing complications from COVID-19 should I contact the virus. Therefore I do not go to the grocery store. This table was set up in my garage with gratitude for family bringing groceries.

Walking through an abandoned San Gabriel Park during the Quarantine Shelter in place, I looked up to see this Oak Tree. Standing taller, growing stronger, and staying healthy. It gave me hope and peace.

3D Print.jpg
I have been spending my free time (and some of my not-so-free time) 3D printing face shields for medical personnel and first responders. I'm hopefully doing my part to help relieve the severe PPE shortage facing the world.
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