What do people stand in line for during this time?


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What do people stand in line for during this time?


I went to the store this morning only because I was out of milk and eggs, two items that many of us eat routinely. As I stood in the 60+ long line, I took an iphone picture, waiting for the automatic doors to open at 7 a.m. Now, knowing I was to report to my work-from-home office by 8 a.m., I started thinking about my time in this line! Are we going to have to travel all over Georgetown to find items in short supply? Does this sound familiar? Will I make it back to my house in time for work? I would stand in a long line to see a hot movie, but the local grocery store?

Next, I emailed the iphone picture to my library colleagues, Carol, Theresa, Katherine, and Melanie, to say that all the eggs had disappeared, yet I was in luck, because I did come away with one gallon of milk! I continued to email my colleagues lamenting about the eggs; Theresa used to bring magical eggs to the library upon request, for a nominal fee. Theresa reminded me that “this is how it is for now.” Hey, maybe you can start raising those chickens in your backyard again, then it won't be this way. :)

The emailed conversation took many different twists and turns. For instance, I suggested we initiate the school-buddy system where we look out for different items around town, then notify each other when we are in luck of finding such items. Katherine and I live about two miles apart, so we now have the buddy-system in place! Thank you, Katherine!

Carol, Melanie and Theresa chimed in about their own experiences visiting local grocers. For example, yesterday Carol’s husband, David, went to " Whole Foods at 1 p.m., to shop for their family. He got eggs, milk, and lots of produce. He was even able to get the WF version of tater tots, -- Laura’s special request that was sold out at HEB!”

Yet, Melanie’s husband went to HEB twice and there were no lines. The first was around 10: 30 a.m. to get propane and a new prescription. No TP, though.

As I stood in line I was impressed by the kindness people displayed toward one another at 7 in the morning. I drank my coffee, texted friends and family, and made it back to my work-at-home office by 8 a.m.

What things do people stand in line for in our small work group: eggs, milk, produce, tater tots, propane, and medical prescriptions!


Joan Parks


March 26, 2020


Joan Parks




Joan Parks, “What do people stand in line for during this time?,” 20/20 Distance: A COVID-19 Digital Archive, accessed October 22, 2020, https://2020distance.omeka.net/items/show/10.

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