My Kingdom for a Power Cord!

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My Kingdom for a Power Cord!


First day of "shelter in place" policy in Williamson County, Texas. Two hours into my remote work day, and my puppy chews through my laptop power cord! Luckily he didn't electrocute himself. But finding a replacement cord and being able to access it were not the easiest of tasks. Our wonderful IT team were also working remotely. Amazon would take a month to ship a cord. Best Buy had the option for online order and "Contactless Curbside Pickup", but I couldn't tell if the "universal" cord would actually fit my computer. Took a chance and ordered it for $70. Was on my way to pick it up, realizing that my car wouldn't just let me "pop the trunk" for them to throw it in, but thought I'd figure it out when I got there. En route I got the notification that our IT staff did indeed have a cord for me and were able to be at the office to get it to me. After checking the actual governmental Stay Home order to make sure the picking up supplies necessary for working remotely was a permitted "essential activity" (it was), I was able to get the cord. And now I am back in business. What was about to be the world's shortest work-from-home gig is now looking to be extended. And the pup is back in his pen for any time the cord is plugged in.


Alexandra Anderson


March 25, 2020


Alexandra Anderson, “My Kingdom for a Power Cord!,” 20/20 Distance: A COVID-19 Digital Archive, accessed October 22, 2020,

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